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Watercolor 101: Vital Tips for Beginners

Watercolor can seem a foreign, tricky medium to master, especially to painters who are accustomed to opaque media like acrylic. But as you'll quickly learn, working in watercolor can truly be a wonderful and enjoyable artistic adventure, accessible to artists at any level.

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Cake Decorating: History, Overview and Techniques

Have Your Cake and Decorate It, Too!Though cake decorating can be traced back to Europe in the 17th century, it wasn’t until the mid-1800s when the art truly took form. Baking was facilitated by the introduction of the temperature-controlled oven, further promoting dessert presentations, and therefore, popularizing their ornamentation. Decorated cakes became prominent at important…

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Ask an Expert: Free-Motion Quilting Answers with Leah Day

In Ask An Expert this week, we share advice from expert Leah Day, in response to popular questions asked by our community members within our Facebook Quilting Club. If you have a question you’d like to see answered be sure to submit it here– whether you’re interested in knitting, quilting, photography, cake decorating, cooking, art or more–…

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