Walking Through the Woods

Project Description

What are you most proud of? I am proud that the quilt actually came out looking JUST like the picture - you can identify the children and I think I painted it pretty good for my first painted pictorial quilt What advice would you give someone starting this project? Pick a subject you love, and practice painting on scraps of cloth identical to what you will be using.

What you will need

  • cotton fabric
  • cotton thread
  • clear thread
  • wonder under
  • transparent paints and instruction from Annette Kennedy's Painted Pictorial Quilts.

Q&A with Janny Louise

spidermom79415 asked:
love this piece
Janny Louise answered:
hi spidermom - if you are a Mom, perhaps you would like to try to make a quilt with your own children - Annette's class is a real help to do it.
mollybuckie asked:
a wonderfull piece, and yes i can agree that taking Annette Kennedy's class was a great thing!!!!!!
Janny Louise answered:
hi mollybuckie - hope you enjoyed that class as much as I did as it opened up a whole new world of quilting for me.
patticole asked:
Lovely subject, painted with love! Beautiful composition!
Janny Louise answered:
thank you patticole - it was painted with love as it is my grandchildren. really fun to do
MEW asked:
wow I want to take a class from you!
Janny Louise answered:
Thank you Mew - I wouldn't mind helping to teach on how to do this kind of thing, but we are probably hundreds of miles apart - Massachuetts
MEW asked:
yes I am in Georgia....I have signed up for the class....hope I can achieve same results.
Janny Louise answered:
I think you will love the class and hope I see something you make down the line Mew.