Tudor gatehouse - miniature

What you will need

  • This miniature gatehouse model I have made using mainly balsa wood and card. The only parts that I have not made from scratch are the axe
  • the door knocker and the grotesque (not gargoyle). The roof sections are made using individual pieces of card to give a realistic slate tile effect. The windows are pieces of clear acetate
  • with the diamond pattern lead lights drawn on. All the paint work is done using acrylic paints and the natural components are made using static grass
  • modelling flock and modelling sponge. The wood pile is made using natural twigs and the pebbles are also natural small pebbles (painted). The mushrooms are all handmade using epoxy clay
  • the ground is textured using wall filler and the walls are textured using fine sand. The model is fully suitable for 28-32mm scale wargaming
  • or can be just an ornament! Model size - Base length - 24.8cm or 9 3/4" Base width - 15.5cm or 6 1/16" Base thickness - 10mm or 3/8" Total height - 22.2cm or 8 3/4" (base to tip of grotesque)

Q&A with Planengrain

lizrev asked:
This is just wonderful. You could make a whole village!!
Planengrain answered:
Thank you Liz! I've nearly made a whole town !! :)