Pink Breast Cancer Awareness Project

Project Description

What are you most proud of? EVERYTHING What advice would you give someone starting this project? You need to know how to sew and millinery.

What you will need

  • Pink Sparkle dot fabric
  • Satin
  • Rhinestone Bandings and Swarovski Stones.

Q&A with Fancy Rose

maggiesc asked:
The jewel on the shank of the shoe is amazing, you have wonderful attention to detail, are the earrings a poly clay base?
Fancy Rose answered:
Hi Maggiesc, I answered your mail,
Fancy Rose asked:
HELLO Maggiesc, THANK YOU, I love to sew and accessorize and making them myself is even more fun and individual. The necklace set was purchased from http://www.thinkpinkribbon.com/pink-bead-necklace-and-pink-ribbon-earring-set.html I wear them to church. A few of the ladies where I attend have some show stopping hats and BEAUTIFUL clothes. Every time I make an outfit, it has its own hat & purse and only worn with that particular creation. I have always purchased 1 1/2 yards more of the required fabric for what the pattern calls for so what is left over, a hat and clutch is usually made and sometime I make the petals to form a corsage like what is in the pink outfit. At one time I was a wedding consultant, chorographer and coodinator and have a lot of inventory and use some of it now for my ensembles. Its nice to meet you and have a BLESSED week.
Fancy Rose answered:
Maggiesc, I understood what you were saying. I have a lot of old vintage patterns from 1980 and up and so glad I saved them. Yes, I do envision how something will look and it takes me awhile before it all comes together before I make it. If you are on FACEBOOK, you can find me under FANCY ROSE and I hope you get better real soon so you can get into that sewing room.

Skill Level