Created by: lanaDiNata

Pets cave ,cat cave,pets cat bed, for ba

You Can Make This

lanaDiNata made Pets cave ,cat cave,pets cat bed, for ba with:

  • Felted wool
  • silk fiber

Q&A with lanaDiNata

lilriddle asked:
What a beautiful kitty!!!!!!!!
lanaDiNata answered:
Thank you!
ReaderBeth asked:
What a clever idea so beautifully executed. Your cat seems very content inside there, wouldn't it be lovely to have a human sized cave to retreat to some times! Your colour choice is also very attractive for this organic project. Well done.
lanaDiNata answered:
Thank you for warm words of my work. This cat cave have been customer order for hairless Sphinx cat. But my cat Alisa very like to check all cat caves that i doing and that you can see in my projects :-)

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