I Tiled My Bedroom Fireplace UNDER $100!

Project Description

What are you most proud of? Not using a tile cutter. Believing in myself that I could buy big slate tiles, throw them on the sidewalk and create a beautiful fireplace for under $100.00. I also LOVE the fact that I took 4 tealight candle holders and mortared them onto the top of the fireplace. It created a conversational piece and sexy bedroom environment! What advice would you give someone starting this project? Your mind is a powerful tool. You can do it without any informational books or manuals. Just read the back of the mortar and grout bags...SIMPLE! (: Wear gloves! Broken pieces of slate are sharp. It's a messy project so put down a lot of drop cloths especially if you have white carpet like The Bunny Ranch does... HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!

What you will need

  • Slate tile from Menards A few Cobble rocks from my rock garden Mortar Grout 4 Tealight candle holders 2 gallons of Zeuss paint from Sherwin Williams

Q&A with Lou-Lou

IowaSkye asked:
Very cool Lou-Lou!
Lou-Lou answered:
I thank you...(: