Christmas is almost here

Project Description

What advice would you give someone starting this project? Find a larger stone and glue more trees to it, it's fantastic.

What you will need

  • wire
  • seed beads
  • river stone

Q&A with Laurabijoux

HomeDecorMom asked:
It looks pretty interesting. I only wish the photographs were close-ups, so I could pick out the details.
Laurabijoux answered:
It's really not complicated at all. Copper wire (don't ask me how many broken engines my husband has dismantled in order to procure wire for my trees...). A mixture of green seed beads (size 2 mm). Little branches at the top and larger and larger towards the base of the tree. Elementary, my dear Watson...
TaDow asked:
LOVE the project... but also LOVE the TABLE!! ;D Where in the world did you find that?
Laurabijoux answered:
I find such pieces of furniture (and trays, chess sets, etc.) in a Morrocan shop in my city (Timisoara, Romania). It's traditional. The decorations contain very small pieces of fine wood, difrerently colored, and ivory.