Textured Sea Snake Revisited

Project Description

What are you most proud of? Knitting can be quite measured and linear, particularly if one knits with beads and uses patterns. I wanted to create an organic look that still had balance. What advice would you give someone starting this project? I used a 4mm acrylic tube through the beads and the knitwork, this works really well if your beads are a bit heavier, or you want to put some beaded or wrapped strips around some of the knitted components. It gives a good shape and is easy to push through.

What you will need

  • Hand dyed lace weight merino
  • beadsoup
  • acrylic tubing
  • wooden beads.

Q&A with BiancaV

DonnaDeCourcy asked:
Very creative! What size needles did you use? I haven't started yet, still watching the videos and gathering materials. My lace weight yarn looks much thinner than yours. The colorway in your yarn is lovely!
BiancaV answered:
I think you are right, Donna, this is one of those name does not cover the real product kinds of things, I sometimes buy raw fibres to dye at home, this was sold to me as lace weight but is really more like a fine, mot a superfine. The needles were 2mm, 0000. Just give it a go, Donna, you will love it.
Betsy Hershberg asked:
I'm not crazy about snakes, but I might have to make an exception for this one. It's beautiful. Love the tubing idea. Getting much sleep these days Bianca??? ;-)
BiancaV answered:
I took a 3 day a week consulting gig to run a big system procurement, so I have some headspace - Universe was listening I think. So with the training for the trek, working and knitting experiments (including a slouch hat that can handle my long and thick ponytail), well, I am just getting enough :) Necessary to keep sane. PS for my fellow students, I am heading to Everest in October, hence Betsy's question. Yak fibre anyone?
BaggieMaggie asked:
Bianca, where do you get the tubing? Thanks.
BiancaV answered:
Hi there, well, we get it in craftshops here in Australia, it is available in several diameters. The other thing I have used is rubber buna cord, if you do a search for that you will find it available from lots of suppliers. Michaels may have the acrylic tubing. I used 4 mm.

Skill Level