Project Description

What was your inspiration? My best friend asked me to make her a pair of socks using a kit that included a scarf that you un-knit into socks. That was in March of 2009. Between then and now, I've made over 50 pair of socks, selling some, giving some away and keeping a LOT LOL I am addicted to making socks but figured it was time to branch out :)

What you will need

  • Assorted yarns
  • mostly Noro

Q&A with Muminred

Winterportgirl asked:
If you would like a challenge, try your hand at entrelac leg using these beautiful yarns. The scarf you have photographed is very beautiful.
Muminred answered:
I have a pattern for entrelac legged socks but since I have heavy calves, I'm not sure if they'd do for me. I also have a pattern for fingerless mitts using the entrelac pattern that I am going to make in the near future!
GenieJo asked:
Trying to remember how I knitted socks more than 50 years and and doing fine til I reached the heel. The stitch I remember seemed to be something like a k1s1 and gives more reinforcement that the patterns I am running into using a short row. The socks I see here of yours remind me of those I used to make. How do you make them and when do you start to turn.
Muminred answered:
My heels vary depending on my mood. I'm making them using the "Magic Loop" method - I used to use double point needles but seem to have forgotten since learning the magic loop method. I start my heel when I figure my leg is long enough. The heel stitch I'm currently enamored of is K2, S1, K1 til last 2, K2. The reverse row is K2, P to last 2, K2. I repeat these rows til I have 28 rows, then do row 1 again. Then I do the heel cup. When that's complete, I pick up down one side of the flap, knit across the instep stitches, pick up 15 up the other side, knit across the heel/picked up side - that usually has 50 stitches on that side, then the instep side of 30 stitches. I then do the gusset until I have 30 stitches left on both needles and then do the foot. I only do short rows if I'm knitting the socks from the toe up. Hope this helps and isn't too confusing. If you need more help, check my profile for my email (or ask for it here - I have no objection to putting it out here) and I'll go thru it in more depth if you want.