Slouchy Beanie

Project Description

What are you most proud of? I found a pattern for a hat to be knitted on a loom and changed it so it became a slouchy one.

What you will need

  • First photo
  • acrylic wool yarn made in Turkey. Second photo
  • Red Heart Soft and Camo yarn.

Q&A with Westgal

DevotedWife asked:
Your hats are lovely!
Westgal answered:
Thank you so much, DevotedWife!
jessiem28 asked:
Hello, Love this hat! looks like the same pattern as a simple loomed hat. How did you change it? Also, what do you use to wash your hats and make them soft? Most of my acrylic hats are tough. Thanks!
Westgal answered:
I added more a few more rows to the loomed hat than what the pattern called for. It is kind of a drop-stitch pattern as opposed to a straight stockinette stitch pattern. It has been a couple of years since I made this one. I use Eucalan to was my wool hats and make them soft. I've heard you have to be careful using a wool wash on acrylic yarn, though. It can disintegrate some acrylic yarns. I don't know how or why this happens, though. Perhaps it is a chemical reaction. Anyway, this was a very soft, draped yarn made in Turkey that looked kind of like a rayon or cotton yarn. There was not much stretch around the band, which was knitted in stockinette. On one of my Craftsy classes, I believe, the instructor said acrylic is essentially plastic, so kinitting with acrylic is like knitting with plastic. I have knitted some pretty stiff acrylic hats, too, and have quit using it for the most part. I have made some hats with Isaac Mizrahi Craft Yarn from Michael's. That yarn is bulky and drapes