Python bracelet

What you will need

  • US 1 / 2.25 mm / UK 13
  • Yarn from my stash
  • new size 6 beads bought and large wooden beads.

Q&A with sheilasem2670400

Betsy Hershberg asked:
Hi Sheila! Thanks for posting these here. Both the necklace and the bracelet are WONDERFUL!! If there were a final exam for the class, you would have aced it. ;-) One thought, just to protect your work. Think about threading the necklace beads on something stronger than the yarn you used to knit them. Wouldn't want the necklace to break and then have the beads roll away someplace where you couldn't find them or they might be damaged. Again, thanks so much for sharing! <3
sheilasem2670400 answered:
Thanks for the advice Betsy. The necklace was never intended to be worn - although it has. They were just my first practice beads and quite imperfect. I just liked how they went so well with the small brown wooden beads that I just happened to have quite a lot of and had used as knitted bead centres before I got the large ones. Thank-you again for the course i really enjoyed learning a new craft.