one skien shrug

What you will need

  • Vintage

Q&A with Spikeychic@live.com

Dreamfli asked:
Very pretty. What size did you use?
Spikeychic@live.com answered:
That one was the 17 in one. I made that size for both of my daughters 16 and 13 yrs. I can wear it but is a little tight so measured and made me the largest at 19in. I am a xl gal. However I am thinking of undoing mine and just doing the 17 on a larger needle the fit is better on that one. I love these because with summer I can wear the cute tops and still hide my larger arms.
nanaofmany asked:
It is sooo hip & cute! Great work!
Spikeychic@live.com answered:
thank you I've made quite a few and they all love them. Then got sucked into shawls and oh boy oh boy I love these. They are easy and have made a few for friends that have babies and are nursing they love them for they can wear it to cover accidents, or when nursing and want a lil privacy or for wraping baby for a nap. I had no idea a simple shawl could be so great a gift.