One Skein Bolero

Project Description

What are you most proud of? I'm most proud of figuring out parts of the directions that confused me (like the number of stitches not matching up with the knit2/purl2 pattern). I also picked up two stitches on each side of the underarm so there would be no hole to sew up later. I'm also proud of the fact that I actually finished it!!! lol What advice would you give someone starting this project? Don't be thrown off if you have the number of stitches stated but it doesn't match up with the knit2/purl2 rib pattern (i.e. if you end up with 2 knit stitches or 2 purl stitches at the beginning and the end). Just rip back about 10 stitches or so and add one stitch here and one stitch there so you will end up with a true knit2/purl2 pattern all the way around.For the underarms, pick up 2 or 4 extra stitches as you are picking up stitches to knit the underarm to avoid having to sew a hole after you are done.You may get confused (like I did) and start to knit the wrong ends together to create the arm openings. Don't get discouraged! Just fold the jacket at the shoulders where you can tell the back from the front, the way it would look if you were wearing it to be able to see the difference. On the back of the jacket, the lines of increase will be narrow, closer together up at the neck and get wider as they approach the bottom of the back. Join each side (the back to the front or vice vesa to create both the left and the right arm openings) and begin knitting in the round, pulling snug as you go over the spots where the back and front points join until it's strong enough to hold itself and keep from stretching. Hope you guys can understand this!

What you will need

  • A yarn named "I Love This Yarn!" #734 / Black Sparkle. 5oz
  • / 140 grams / 251 yards / 230 meters. From Hobby Lobby stores.

Q&A with Creativewan

Linda_D asked:
Love the colour & style!
Creativewan answered:
Thank you Linda_D! It was fun and relaxing to me for the most part. I plan on making one in white well.
Fidget critter asked:
I adore shrugs! This one is so cute. I love sparkles! I used to knit a lot and looking at this makes me want to pick up my needles again :)
Creativewan answered:
Oh my...why am I just seeing your post here? So sorry for the Long delay Fidget Critter!!! I am so glad I tried this pattern, I really like it! My daughter liked it too so I made her a matching one. We are sparkling together, lol! I hope you were inspired to knit one up for yourself Fidget Critter. It's a nice project to warm up on...Wishing you success! Take Care :-D