Nordic Crafts

Project Description

What advice would you give someone starting this project? Make/plan your own designs by using graph paper.

What you will need

  • Normal Yarn of complimentary colors.

Q&A with asessa

bero asked:
where do i get graph pattern
asessa answered:
If you are on facebook, I just put that snowflake/star pattern on my group page at "Knitting and Crochet Patterns for Kids" group. I had no room left on this page.
Marianne Zaia-O asked:
i would love to have the pattern for the light pastel baby hat, have never seen a stitch like that before, please
asessa answered:
The stitch on the pastel hat is a mock cable. Picture a rib of two knit stitches and one pearl stitch on each side in your head. Now picture doing one pearl, knit one and yarn over to increase a stitch and knit one and then do a pearl. You now have 5 stitches and center is a hole. If you are using straight needles, turn and knit one, pearl three, knit one. Turn, pearl one, knit 3, and then slip the first knit on the right needle over the other two knit and you have a decrease one, and pearl the next one. Turn, and knit one, pearl two, knit one. Turn, repeat from beginning and you have a mock cable.
Susie50 asked:
Wow these hats are fantastic I would love to have the pattern.
asessa answered:
There is no pattern, You use any hat pattern and then follow the graph for the knitted star or snowflake.

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