Mobius Shawl

Project Description

What are you most proud of? I have made several of these; all different designs and colors. Everyone loves them and wears them often. What advice would you give someone starting this project? Start simple when doing this for the first time. If you have never used a round loom, no worries, they are easy to use. You can also make this free hand and connect the ends together in a mobius twist to your desired length. Be creative with colors and yarn types.

What you will need

  • Alpaca Natural Yarn and Lt Beige eyelash yarn Large Circle Loom

Q&A with LuxuryLooms4you

tokkie_vw162208 asked:
Thes is beautifull. Would you be so kind as to tel us how many stitches did you put on straight needles. Kind regards Tokkie van wyk. tokkie_vwyk@hotmail.com (Cape Town, South Africa)
LuxuryLooms4you answered:
I actually used a round knitting loom with 41 pegs. For freehand work, the apx corresponding knitting needle is about a size 11; knit loosely and make sure to twist once when seaming together so opposite side ends are together which will give the shawl the "Mobius Look".
gahall600 asked:
How about a Craftsy class on loom knitting? I would love to learn it in a class
LuxuryLooms4you answered:
I believe you can find some youtube videos already made. If you purchase a loom knitting kit, many come with dvds showing you how to do this. It's really quite easy to learn. I have taught people locally and they catch on quickly. It's fun to do.
yorkiedog3076634 asked:
You say size 11 needles. Is that 11mm?
LuxuryLooms4you answered:
Yes I believe that is would work....You can actually use any size you want. For a smaller shawl, use smaller needles, etc. Good luck and have fun.
donal.rei2312706 asked:
This looks like a comfortable shawl to wear during the spring with a nice long sleeve teeshirt. Looking forward to trying it...
LuxuryLooms4you answered:
Everyone I have made these for love them; they work great in a cold office also if made with 1 yarn so the shawl is open and airy yet gives just a little extra warmth in a cold office.
francismi0 asked:
Love this want to try light weight yarn for early spring
LuxuryLooms4you answered:
I've made this several times in lightweight yarns; one yarn versus 2 yarns for colder weather, warmer shawl. One yarn makes a light and loose stitch. Have fun with colors.