Project Description

What are you most proud of? My floats not being too tight. I'm ambidextrous, so I knit with both hands. When I do color work, I hold the yarn in both hands. Sometimes this can cause my gauge to be slightly off. With this sweater, my gauge stayed really consistent throughout the color work. What advice would you give someone starting this project? The techniques are pretty straightforward, so I can see this being a great project for an adventurous/advanced beginner. I'm a little above average height (5'7") with long arms, so I added about 3 or so inches to both the body and the arm length of the size 34". I used my favorite sweater, according to Ragga's advice, to customize the Marin to fit the way I like. I wasn't so sure about the Lettlopi yarn because it felt a little rough to the touch to me, but after I washed it (I used eucalan), it became soft and cozy. The sweater is lightweight but warm, and it was perfect for the rainy, cold winter Seattle day yesterday.

What you will need

  • Lettlopi Iclandic Wool in dark brown
  • beige
  • and rust

Q&A with @threegreenbananas

swellknitter asked:
Beautiful! How many rows of rib did you do in the rust color? I cast on in orange and worked two rows of orange rib before changing to the pattern color but ripped back because it was too much. I now have the cast on and one row in orange and 2 rows of the pattern color before changing to the larger needles.
@threegreenbananas answered:
Hi Sweller. I only cast on in the rust, then started the rib in the lighter color. It didn't show as I wanted so I
EBlack asked:
turned out beautiful, love your colors too.
@threegreenbananas answered:
Thanks! I.
Emmasher asked:
Lovely shape color WORK!! You make me feel like taking this class Now!!!! Thanks for your comment On Accola. Will post better pictures this is not the real color!!!!
@threegreenbananas answered:
You should take it. I've knit a lot of sweaters, but Marin is my favorite. :)
swellknitter asked:
hi again, It looks like your Marin is fitted - and fits you perfectly . You mentioned customizing, did you add shaping at the waist? I really like how it looks slimmer than the original.
@threegreenbananas answered:
I didn't add shaping, instead, I chose my exact bust size so there is not really any positive ease. Maybe just an inch. I didn't change the width, but I added several inches to the length. That doesn't really translate in the photo, I think. Although the sweater isn't heavy/bulky, I feel that it has a nice drape, which helps with the slimming effect.

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