Ladies Lace Socks (Donna Druchunas)

Project Description

What are you most proud of? The finished sock, of course! And understanding different ways to make the adjustment needed for calf-high socks. What advice would you give someone starting this project? I love Judy's Magic Cast On for toe-up socks, and find it solves the problem of the cast on row looking a little loose. It seems hard to learn, but once you get the rhythm of it ("hand memory"), you can cast on faster than long-tail. I also make all my socks with one circ--I'm way too good at losing needles, so this helps!

What you will need

  • Naturally Caron Spa (Color: "Naturally"); one US2 Harmony circular needle.

Q&A with Sister CG

knittingrammy asked:
love the socks. I use toe up two at a time, long magic loop. I'm bad at getting the second sock finished so started to use this method. both are done and if I make changes I know they happen on both socks. enjoy your beautiful socks.
Sister CG answered:
@noviceknitter: Check out magic loop instructions on YouTube for using just one circular needle. I use this method for everything, since I manage to loose anything more than one needle! (Three double-points just won't do the job, says the voice of painful experience.)
barbie01 asked:
wow - one circ - I need to learn how to do that - are there some instructions?
Sister CG answered:
Yup. Go to YouTube and search for "magic loop knitting". That should do it. I rarely use double-pointed needles any more, and never straight needles. I'm a single-circ addict!
carrieg asked:
very pretty! I want to learn socks...I'm a beginner. B)
Sister CG answered:
Once you get the general idea of socks, they are just a hoot to make. No end to variations, lots of fun ways to cast on, toe-up or top-down starting points, heels and patterns, to say nothing of amazing sock yarn available all over the place. And you can take socks along to meetings, on the plane, train or bus, in the car (if carsickness isn't a problem!) ... what's not to love??
BobbyStar asked:
I'm in love! Not brave enough to try something complicated yet, but they look beautiful! My goal is to make something as elegant, but knee high.
Sister CG answered:
Post a photo where you get there!
sjludesch274858 asked:
Really beautiful..where do I access the pattern?
Sister CG answered:
I signed up for Donna Druchanas' Craftsy sock online class (which is terrific, by the way), which includes the pattern. It may be available somewhere else, but I don't know that for sure, or where it might be.

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