knitted baby blanket

Project Description

What are you most proud of? It turned out even better than I imagined it - especially the "ribbon effect" and the buttons really added to it What advice would you give someone starting this project? 1. the pattern I decided (not really a pattern - I just "framed" a stockinette stitch with a 4cm garter stitch and made holes for the "ribbon") although it turned out beautiful, if I made another one I would try the garter stitch all the way - the yarn does "give way" and the garter stitch tends to be more "tight" 2. make up your mind early on how big the blanket is going to be - you need that to plan for the holes 3. don't make it too big - it's an "airy" yarn and too big is going to lose shape - I made it 1mX1m and I think it's the biggest it can get (unless maby you mix it with another yarn more sturdy, but you'll have to figure that one out yourselves) 4. don't use embellishments thar are too heavy - it's a light blanket and won't support it 5. if you use yarn for a braid (like I did) make sure it doesn't "leak color" when washed - wash a small piece separetely to test 6. when washed, the blanket absorbs a lot of water - make sure you drain enough (just squeezing) before drying - and don't hang it, needs to dry on flat surface

What you will need

  • fluffy changing color yarn

Q&A with nikolama51581166

mrsoertel2113848 asked:
do you have a pattern for this?
nikolama51581166 answered:
you can read the "advice" section about that - what I can tell you more than that is that you should definitely make a swatch (and a rather large one) to see how the yarn is "behaving" and use needles at least a size bigger than it says (this perticular yarn tends to produce tight stitches) - I hope my comments helped