Knit Kit

Project Description

Scissors, stitch holder, cable needle, safety pins, crochet hook, sticky notes and pen, tape measure, my business cards from Moo.com . I love these cards, by the way. They have my contact info on one side and a picture of a finished product on the other! Also in the tin, extra reading glasses, stitch markers, ruler, row counter, bread bags ties (for intarsia...they work like bobbins), a mini tin to hold sewing/tapestry needles and the smaller items. Oh, and hair barrettes to hold the tail on a ball of yarn! Did I mention everything? It all packs up nicely in this tin I found at a thrift store! I'm going to make some of these for a couple fellow knitters/crocheters this Christmas! One can never have enough knitting/crocheting goodies.

Q&A with Sheila Zachariae

Ann Polk asked:
I definitely need one of these. Maybe several for each size needles. I like to do more than one craft--this would keep it all neat and able to find q uickly. Thanks
Sheila Zachariae answered:
Ann, thank you! I'm lost without mine on trips!
debbross asked:
I like this for myself. Gets you organized in no time. All are readily available. I want to know where you order this and the price chart.
Sheila Zachariae answered:
I do not have this up for sale in my shop, but rather, put it together myself. Just get a tin, zippered bag or anything you have and put in all your goodies!

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