Icelandic sweater

Project Description

What are you most proud of? Using this lovely historic needlework pattern and using traditional icelandic elements to make a modern sweater. What advice would you give someone starting this project? I am in the planning stages for a one week knitting workshop in Iceland: knit and even design your own icelandic sweater, see the sights : Geysir, Blue Lagoon etc, and go wool shopping:). If you are interested please send me mail and I will send you info:) maja@hirzlan.is

What you will need

  • icelandic lambs wool
  • from www.thingborg.is

Q&A with maja.s.

LenaV asked:
One very interested knitter here! Gorgeous sweater! Will be looking forward to the instructions.
maja.s. answered:
thank you ! :)
fanfanm asked:
I would also like to knit this beautiful sweater....please write the pattern.... thanks
maja.s. answered:
ok, ok... I better get cranking on the pattern then, thank you all for your kind words!
LeftyLisa asked:
This is the first full sweater I've ever felt motivated to knit. It's so distinctive.
maja.s. answered:
wow, thank you!
nancymacp208515 asked:
I have knit a number of Icelandic sweaters years ago but this pattern is stunning. Please how may I get a copy of this pattern??????
maja.s. answered:
Hi nancy, send me e-mail to maja@hirzlan.is and Ill send you a scan of the pattern, my own design:) Also: anyone interested in knitting their own icelandic sweater and even designing your own pattern: I am preparing a one week workshop in Iceland, with sightseeing and wool shopping:) send me mail: maja@hirzlan.is
emr153 asked:
maja - that is beautiful! I will also write and ask for the pattern! I love your color combinations! ~Elizabeth
maja.s. answered:
mail did not go through to you?!

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