Gardener clown

Project Description

What are you most proud of? The detail that the pattern gives - the drop of water dripping from the spout of the watering-can, the daisies round his hat and the mushrooms growing on it, the plant and the flowerpot, the butterfly and caterpillar on his shoes. What advice would you give someone starting this project? Make sure you use the brightest yarns and keep stuffing until he stands up on his own. If you use cardboard in the soles of his shoes remember that he won't take kindly to being thrown in the washing machine!

What you will need

  • Acrylic yarn
  • washable polyester toy stuffing
  • stiff card for the inside of the soles of his shoes if you want him to stand up on his own.

Q&A with patz in suffolk

Helen Cook asked:
You are so talented!!
patz in suffolk answered:
Thank you, you're very kind,, but I'm not really - I just do what the pattern tells me to!
sfgrrl asked:
I agree with Helen .... I could not do that kind of knitting - it's really perfect and what a charming giftie for your mom!
patz in suffolk answered:
Thank you, but I'm sure you could! Yes, Mum loved him and, I'm not sure, but I suspect she may have had conversations with him when I wasn't around!
Pam NZ asked:
Just gorgeous and extra special since you made him for your Mum... I'm sure they had great chats! Love the wee butterfly on his boot. Just amazing detail in the little extras. Clever you!
patz in suffolk answered:
All the Jean Greenhowe patters are full of little details like that and so easy to knit! I'm glad you like Bertie! Thank you,
Bluebell 1953 asked:
I have this pattern as I have knitted a few of the designs, He is super cute :-) I am sure your mum loves him
patz in suffolk answered:
Mum is no longer with us, so Bertie Bloomer has returned to me, to live in my guestroom and entertain visiting children!