Crazy Multicolor

What you will need

Q&A with Bonheur

CCaarrooll asked:
I love the way you incorporated the lace. It looks beautiful.
Bonheur answered:
Thanks a lot
Marilee Rockley asked:
That is a lovely piece of work, congratulations on finishing!
Bonheur answered:
C'est gentil :-)
maggiesc asked:
Oh my, this is beautiful!
Bonheur answered:
Your jackets are really "magiques" and "merveilleuses"
Nancy de Farras asked:
Oh you did such a great job now I want to go back to my knitting. i love it!
Bonheur answered:
Gracias Nancy
fayelee asked:
Very nice!
Bonheur answered:
Thank you Fayelee. I see your tunisian project, but i'm not yet ready to do my own.