Crazy Lace bolero

What you will need

  • Ecofil 75% cotton/25% acrylic (Cotton is recycled)

Q&A with Sharon_Calgary

Purrfect Knittr asked:
Looks really good. Perfect fit. It looks very comfortable.
Sharon_Calgary answered:
Thank you -it was a fun project and I only had to rip it out once! (the neck edge that was planned for 7" turned out to be almost 9" when done!!)
San Colechio asked:
I really like that one. What yarn did you use?
Sharon_Calgary answered:
Eco Fil 100% recycled cotton -a cheap find at Zellers! Wanted to try this before investing in a lot of money for yarn.
Sharon Bowman asked:
You knit beautifully!
Sharon_Calgary answered:
Why thank you Sharon! Just learning...

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