Created by: Sandrajn

Cochineal Cardigan

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Sandrajn made Cochineal Cardigan with:

The Perfect Fit Seamless Crazy Lace Cardigan

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The Perfect Fit Seamless Crazy Lace Cardigan

with Myra Wood

  • Handspun merino yarn

Q&A with Sandrajn

Zebalithe asked:
Love the leafy pattern. It looks like it would be too hard fror me. Where don't the sleeves fit? They look fine in the photos.
Sandrajn answered:
!Thank you!!! About not fitting... I just couldn't squeeze the full picture into the allowed spot, so I cut off an arm. :-) Still looks ok I guess
vrisayda asked:
I love the pattern combination you picked. Everything flows beautifully. Congrats on a beautiful work of art.
Sandrajn answered:
Thank you so much!
rkr4cds asked:
Wow - I LV your choice of patt sts!! Can you tell us where you picked them from? I'd love to use a few of them - even in socks! THX. I showed my project to Myra at Sts Midwest lat month; I'll have to get a pic taken and post it. After ripping it all out twice I finally knit it as a vest. I was a lace-wt, thick & thin cotton (no stretch!!) plied w/a rayon overlay, boucl, so I had to use it doubled. And it biased... hence the ripping out twice. It was a nightmare to frog but I was determine to use what I had started with instead of going for something easy, like Cascade 220! But I'm taking a break now and knitting knee socks, That's what made me think about your pretty pretty patt choices!!! RKR
Sandrajn answered:
Hi! Thanks for the comments! I used the Japanese 300 Stitch collection book. Can't tell you the author since it's in Japanese. You can see what it looks like here: I ordered it from a link on craftsy. But I think Amazon has a similar one under "300 Japanese Craft" Lucky you going to Stitches!

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