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What are you most proud of? Learning how to work with both strung and placed beads. It was initially very challenging. But after a few questions that were aptly answered by the instructor, things became smoother. What advice would you give someone starting this project? Check what you are doing often. I found a few mistakes while blocking that I didn't catch while knitting. Also, take your time and watch and listen to Laura. She explains things beautifully. Also, don't knit when you are tired! I ripped out several times because I didn't stop as soon as I should have.

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Q&A with TSaner

Jeanette Fitton asked:
This is just lovely. Shows to me what a big difference the choice of yarn makes. What size needles did you use?
TSaner answered:
I had to use a size 5 to get gauge.
Lea4269 asked:
Really beautiful shawl! Love it in the blue. I have yet to tackle this project (someday soon hopefully). I've worked on a few small lace projects but I have never worked with beads in knitting before so I will need lots of practice. The pioneer cuff project in this class would probably be a good intro to this I think. I want to give it a whirl. Your project has inspired me. Nice pictures too :)
TSaner answered:
The cuff is a great way to get a feel for Laura's patterns and beading with lace in general. Don't be afraid to tackle Accola! The lace and beading sections come in short spans. Laura also has a great group on Ravelry. Check it out if you haven't already done so.
innerwave asked:
Congratulation to this wonderful lace work! It Looks just great. I am involved into the other class of Laura (Mastering Lace) and booked already this class additionally. It is so much fun to learn from Laura. Thank you also for your suggestions for others who will try this one. How much did yarn did you use for this Shawl? I have also ordered Tosh Lace.
TSaner answered:
There was enough yardage for me to complete the shawl with one skein with a little left over. Laura tries to work in about 15% more yarn in her requirements than what she used to complete her projects. Only one time have I come up short with one of her designs!

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