Uniquely Mistaken Charm Necklace

Project Description

Who is this project for? Women What are you most proud of? Mainly that I didn't give up & created something out of a "mistake". What advice would you give someone starting this project? Be careful not to get too close to your piece when firing so you don't disfigure your piece like I did. I remembered what Jenny said in one of her lessons, not an exact quote here but, " There are no mistakes" just new designs" Thank you Jenny because of you I did not give up & throw away my messed up piece, instead I made something "unique" from it, I've made other Charms that came out great!

What you will need

  • PMC3 Silver
  • Sterling Silver Chain
  • SS Jump Rings

Q&A with RosieMeadow

Jenny Vestal asked:
Awwwm thank you Rosie! It makes me so glad to read that you remembered the "new design direction" comment. We are so hard on ourselves, wanting things to come out a certain way and being hard on ourselves when they don't. It IS important to master the skills (and I'm glad to hear that you have - congrats), but some of the most fun we have making things is when things veer off course somewhere! It looks great - like something ancient and mystical. I'm very fond of the way you combined it with the stones and the wire. Lovely project. Thanks for posting.!
RosieMeadow answered:
Your Welcome Jenny! Thank You for the nice compliment it means a lot to me :) I tried to post the other charms I made that DID turn out well but for some reason it won't let me same thing happened when I tried to put up a profile photo, so I'll keep trying.
ARGrover asked:
sometimes it is a little over whelmed I think .. :) love your stuff Rosie, you are very talented!
RosieMeadow answered:
Thank You!
GrammiChelle asked:
Well, you've inspired me, Rosie. I've been watching the class, and looking at the finished projects. I am feeling really excited, but also a little bit frightened to take the leap. But if this lovely pendant is what a mistake looks like, then I think I can do it;) keep a watch out because I just might dedicate my first project to you. Thanks! Your piece is lovely!!
RosieMeadow answered:
Hi sunchelle, I have moved forward since this pedant and now have a site on Etsy, I don't know if it is allowed here but this is where you can see some of the other designshtp:

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