Two sides of a coin

Project Description

Who is this project for? Women What are you most proud of? Allthough this was just some leftover clay it turned out to be my favourite piece. I'm not sure what I will make with this piece, either a necklace or a bracelet but will post the result when it is finished. What advice would you give someone starting this project? Use your leftover clay to experiment, sometimes the most spontaniously made things can turn out to be some of your favourites!!!!

What you will need

  • White epoxy clay
  • laserprinted pictures
  • inca gold metal paint
  • glossy varnish

Q&A with Shopgirlsan

DALHia57 asked:
It doesn't look very thick and it appears that you actually do have some depth (the black hole). How did you make sure you didn't poke through to the other picture? Is there much thickness between the 2 pictures?
Shopgirlsan answered:
There is actually only 1mm between the two pictures. The illusion of depth is only in the picture, not in the clay. That is so great about this picture!
Enchantedjewelry2012 asked:
I absolutely love this!! I haven't taken the class yet, as I'm afraid I won't understand/be lost!! But was just curious as to if you can kinda just make a 1 or 2 sentence statement on how you made this?? I would greatly appreciate it!! I would really love to increase my skills in the jewelry making field, as I took a few classes at a local craft store, but otherwise I taught myself, for the most part!! I have sooo many beads, and some tools, and findings....I guess I would need to buy more supplies if I took this class, understood it, and wanted to start making these new types of designs!! Have you tried selling anything you have made? I'm just curious...you don't have to answer of course!! Anyways I LOVE this!! Its beautiful!! I sure wish I was this talented!! Best of Luck as you continue your jewelry learning experiences!! Thank you Laura
Shopgirlsan answered:
Not easy to describe this in one or two sentences. I found and printed some pictures I liked and printed them with a laserprinter (inkjet printer should work too). I used some leftover epoxy clay and made a very flat square piece. I stuck the two printed and cut out pictures on both sides of the square piece and made sure that the paper made contact with the clay as much as possible. I left the sides of the clay uneven and left it to dry for a day. Remove the paper with water and hopefully the image is now on the clay. Finish it as you like. I used gilders paste for the sides and the eye.
Debbi Simon asked:
This is gorgeouscan I share it on my Facebook?
Shopgirlsan answered:
Yes, offcourse you can share this on your facebook. I hope it will help others to get inspired like I was after taking this course. I have gotten several friends and family members hooked on working with epoxy clay too. Thanks for this wonderfull class!

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