The Viking Queen Necklace - Amethyst, Ga

Project Description

Who is this project for? Women

What you will need

  • The striking central detail is made using a piece of Amethyst
  • which I have set in a Viking knit bezel
  • from this hangs a dangle made with a Garnet and a faceted Amethyst drop. The six lengths of Viking knit chain fan out from the central Amethyst stone
  • creating an eye catching effect. The necklace is 19" long. The central detail is is 3" from the top of the amethyst stone
  • to the bottom of the drop. The central stone measures 1 1/2" in it's setting.

Q&A with Abby Hook

roycecreative asked:
Your Viking knit is just amazing. Mine is not looking too even yet but still working on that. Over all design again - amazing. Love your creative style - always impressive
Abby Hook answered:
Thank you :) - the more you practice vk the better it will get ;)
sandsgrandmother asked:
So beautiful
Abby Hook answered:
Thank you :)
Delories asked:
Abby Hook answered:
Thank you :)
Delories asked:
exquisite Abby, simply exquisite. Where can I learn the almost spiderweb support for the main stone that moves around and supports it??...I have seen this weave with several of your pieces....I think??? I'm sure I have. and I simply love it. What a nice change from the more common loopty loop for which I have found in so many projects...This entire piece somehow makes me think spider...Now intentional or unintentional. I do not know, I do know however it fits the project so well. Forgive me if It seems I am stalking you a bit and yes, I think I am. I would be thrilled to learn you have created a video teaching here on Craftsy and share some of your secrets. I learn so much better this way and not so much in pictures and written instructions. It would be the most important group of taped video lessons on this website. Thank you Ms Abby
Abby Hook answered:
Thank you so much Delories. I do plan to write a tutorial for this setting but it will be a PDF rather than a video I am afraid. I think the spider thoughts come from the web effect of the setting and the many 'legs' of the necklace :)
artist.k24876161 asked:
Very eye catchy! This amethyst pendent is really beautiful. It's a gorgeous necklace. -Kanan Kennesaw, GA
Abby Hook answered:
Thank you so much Kanan :)