Peyote Stitch Bracelet

Project Description

Who is this project for? Women

What you will need

  • Seed beads
  • cylinder beads and Swarovski bicone crystals

Q&A with Nancy Cain

Nancy Cain asked:
I have a new colorway to add. I will have a photo of it taken soon and will post it. It is a pink one! I am not normally a pink girl but the Delica bead drew me in.
Nancy Cain answered:
Thank you DALHia, I love geometrics as well. Math is so sensible and makes desiging easier. Let me know how you like the class. Nancy
Glamor asked:
I love it!
Nancy Cain answered:
Thank you!
Kelly Flanagan asked:
I love the clean lines and open space. It is a truly beautiful piece can't wait to take your class!
Nancy Cain answered:
Thank you!+
artisansattic asked:
Beautiful! I love the colours!
Nancy Cain answered:
Thank you!
Nancy Cain asked:
Hi Butch-mim, Here is a link to a quick style of peyote scalloping. Just copy and paste the entire link. Thanks! http://view.e.beadingdaily.com/?j=feb7137973630674&m=fe95157372660d7975&ls=fdfb1574756c057e7d127377&l=fecb15717261047b&s=fe3016747565067a761276&jb=ff921178&ju=fe6217747061017f7717&et_mid=796729&rid=240127366&r=0
Nancy Cain answered:
It looks like the link is beyond the edge for copying. If you email me at nancy@nancycain.com, I will forward the link to you that way.

Skill Level