Peacock Mystic Topaz in 14k GF

Project Description

Who is this project for? Women What are you most proud of? How well the gemstones fit in the crystal settings, despite the fact they weren't designed for gemstones. What advice would you give someone starting this project? Work slowly so you don't fracture the stones or shoot them across the room - some deeper stones require a little more fiddling than others to get them to sit securely in the settings.

What you will need

  • 14 k gf wire and beads
  • swarovski crystals
  • Peacock blue Mystic Topaz

Q&A with Bobbi Maw

Hana Designs asked:
Wow! in love with this color x
Bobbi Maw answered:
Thank you Hana!!
Linda Pawlowski asked:
amazing! totally awesome! i truly want to get a tenth as good as you are!
Bobbi Maw answered:
:)) Thank you very much Linda!!!
Linda Pawlowski asked:
crazy good! can't believe that some one actually made this! i inspire to be this good!
Bobbi Maw answered:
Thank you again Linda!!! Your compliments are very much appreciated!!
annemarie9946411 asked:
Lovely!!! Which wire can I use that will not tarnish?
Bobbi Maw answered:
Almost all wire tarnishes eventually, but 14k gold and gold filled tarnish the slowest, and polish up the fastest. Some folks are fond of Argentium Silver, but to me it looks like it's already tarnished even new. Just looks grey to me, especially next to fine silver. JMO

Skill Level