Paper Earrings

Project Description

Who is this project for? Women What advice would you give someone starting this project? Be patient, have a steady hand and a good pair of jewelers pliers.

What you will need

  • Paper
  • Swarovski crystals
  • lacquer

Q&A with WellRead

swozencra81287 asked:
Still no instructions -- just photos. Not what I as an artist-craftsperson-artisan want. I can probably do this simply because of my own knowledge, but it is misleading to imply in your Facebook posting that the person following the link will actually get something other than a chance to look at some pictures.
WellRead answered:
First, please know that the facebook posting you're referring to isCrafy...not mine! I'm not a teacher, and not very good at expressing myself. O don't think I could offer instructions in a clear way that would be easy to understand. I'm a ameber here, just like you, and joined to get ideas and inspiration, and hopefully, to make some new friends. I'm really sorry you're upset and apologize for any misnderstanding.
noripoo asked:
what kind of lacquer do you use?
WellRead answered:
There are many different brands, and different formulations. I use a nitrocellulose lacquer. It dries quickly and is often used on wooden furniture and paper came from wood, so.....:0) FYI...lacquered beads MUST be properly cured to allow time for any solvents to evaporate.
Willowcrown asked:
I really love the gold pair, they are just lovely!
WellRead answered:
Thank you...I've been doing some custom work, and happy with the results!
Diabou asked:
Beautiful. Artsy yet refined. Keep up the good work. I'm curious... do you use glue when you roll the beads, then lacquer, or do you use the lacquer as the glue? Diane
WellRead answered:
I glue as I roll. I lacquer when they're done. 3 coats over 2 days so there's time to cure.