Morning Dew resin pendant

Project Description

Who is this project for? Women What are you most proud of? I am proud of the fact that I'm self taught...in gardening, in crafting and creating. What advice would you give someone starting this project? Resin is tricky, and time consuming...be patient, and try, try, again.

What you will need

  • resin
  • resin mold
  • dried flowers
  • sterling silver chain

Q&A with ayrea51

g0nza1ez845119 asked:
Love!! I've been wanting to make this shape with resin. I am just getting started. I'm not too sure on how this site works but do have a class for this? It is beautiful. I just bought a mould and need to find a good resin and instructions. very nice work. I love the names for your pieces.
ayrea51 answered:
Thank You!!! I tried a few different things for the spheres, but I found that, for me, pouring the mould in two separate stages worked best. I poured a half sphere and let it cure, then I removed it from the mould, poured another half sphere and waited until it was gummy enough to set the first half on top...very time consuming. After it was totally cured, sanding, and polishing, I dipped these in more resin to cover sanding marks, and I wanted the "dew drop". I use envirotex lite, it's a one to one ratio. I've used others, but I like that one. Good luck, and keep me posted on how you make out.