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Project Description

Who is this project for? Unisex What are you most proud of? Turning simple copper wire & pipe into wearable pieces. The spinner rings are especially satisfying to create. What advice would you give someone starting this project? Make sure your joins are well fitted & clean prior to soldering!

What you will need

  • copper wire - assorted gauges

Q&A with GardenChicken

jagfan asked:
Awesome! Thanks for sharing. I'm a total beginner, how hard is it to do? I'm so scared I'll burn myself or burn down the house, guess I still hear my mom saying don't play with fire, but I want to, lol.
GardenChicken answered:
Not that difficult at all if you follow Kate's instructions! As for burning yourself, just stay focused on what you're doing & you should be fine! Keep a fire extinguisher handy too (and know how to use it!).
k.johnston asked:
Where do you find the material for the wider rings in this photo & what do you call it.......& please if you don't mind, any other special tools that I might need to make those. (I don't know many of the terms or tool names yet, I haven't ever done beading or jewelry making of any kind before) but I like diving straight into the deep end first instead of getting my toes wet. I'm heading out to the hardware store followed up by the craft store right now!
GardenChicken answered:
The wider rings are actually copper pipe! Most of the rings in the picture actually fit my (apparently) small fingers, about a size 4 or 5, I found that 1/2" copper pipe works really well for that. A ring mandrel is a must, and a worthwhile investment. If you really want to go all out you could purchase use copper sheet to make the rings as well, but you will need to really brush up on your soldering skills for that! Also, here's a tip that I got from the guy in the plumbing department. Those black coloured rings they use for PEX plastic pipe are actually copper, and the black colour (which I suspect is LOS patina) can be removed with sanding.Those rings are nice & heavy if that's a look you're after. Hope that helps!

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