Infinity bracelet in bronze and leather

Project Description

Who is this project for? Unisex What are you most proud of? I was able to work through the more difficult to work with wire and still get what I was looking for. What advice would you give someone starting this project? If you try bronze, choose a higher gage than you normally would on a particular piece as it is stiffer that the usual wires I work with. 16 gage feels like 14.

What you will need

  • Brown leather cord
  • African opal nuggets
  • bronze wire and antique copper beads

Q&A with TjeCan

donibrat54 asked:
WOW!!!! I've gotten a bit tired of doing the usual 'beading' projects and have turned my way to chain mail ~ while this is not mailing ~ it's still working with wire and I LOVE IT!!!!! I use 18 gauge Artistic Wire and I will try doing the figure 8 with it. Your loops on the '8's' are PERFECT, may I ask what you used to get that smooth a turn????
TjeCan answered:
When I use copper wire or craft wire, I use 14 gage for the infinity symbol on a piece like this. I often wrap the wire around some kind of cylinder like a fat sharpie pen. To get this shape I used a couple mid size posts on a thing-a ma- jig. That way the one loop keeps is shape while you make the other one. You can find tutorials on how to use a thing-a-ma-gig on utube. I have done a little chain maille but I just don't have the patience to do the intricate patterns and don't quite get the special diameter ratios on the jump rings. Love the look of it though!

Skill Level