Heart Pendant-Metal Clay

Project Description

Who is this project for? Women

What you will need

  • Here is the matching Metal Clay pendant I did in my class. I really like the way it turned out.

Q&A with KJewelry 120859

Jenny Vestal asked:
Hooray! A pendant - with a BAIL!!! =: 0 And two layers! You're doing beautiful work. I really like the textures and how the top one is a little darker. Lovely. Thanks for posting your project. : ) Could you tell us how you attached the bail? Did you add it in the greenware stage, or go back and doing after firing? Good work.
KJewelry 120859 answered:
Thanks! I attached it in the greenware stage. Cut out a tiny heart and attached it on the back with slip then fired.
RosieMeadow asked:
I made a couple of pendants but I can't upload them here, what am I doing wrong?
KJewelry 120859 answered:
sometimes if your photo is too big it won't upload. But sometimes I think it's the site's problem! LOL!
sudha_tho945775 asked:
I really like this. How did you set bezel?
KJewelry 120859 answered:
if you mean the top heart, I put some slip on it after both pieces had dried and attached it before firing.
sudha_tho945775 asked:
Sorry I meant to ask how you attached bail...
KJewelry 120859 answered:
oh, well I cut out a small little heart, let it dry, then sandwiched the bail in between the pendant and the small little heart with some slip between and pressed it down until it was dry. The bail was a sterling silver already made that was able to be fired.

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