Happiness pendant

Project Description

Who is this project for? Unisex

What you will need

  • PMC3
  • liver of sulfur

Q&A with Dr Nancy

Jenny Vestal asked:
Hi Nancy! I like this - nice and substantial. I love a piece with some heft to it. That's a lovely carving job too. You might enjoy experimenting with a product called 'scratch-foam'; it is a very fine grained styrofoam. You can use a stylus or ball point pen in order to incise a design on it. Then it becomes a shallow bas-relief mold you can use to create a raised design in your wet clay. http://www.amazon.com/Scratch-Art-Scratch-Foam%C2%AE-Board-pack/dp/B000KIEBJI. You will have a raised design instead of a 'carved' one, but all the drawing is done on the foam. I would love to see what some students can do with this medium! Thanks for posting your project. it's great!
Dr Nancy answered:
Thank you. I'm going to try the scratch foam and use cold mold to make a mold from that.
AkuaDesigns asked:
Delicious! I admire your bail and pendant work. I'm now trying to figure out photopolymer and imagepac for image transfer -- to make stamps of my drawings.
Dr Nancy answered:
Thank you!
ARGrover asked:
Love it! great idea! I have a candle mold for this one and love it.. great idea for a pendant! looks great!
Dr Nancy answered:
Thank you!

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