Candy Corn Beads

Project Description

Who is this project for? Women What are you most proud of? How yummy they look! What advice would you give someone starting this project? A fairly easy project, but you may want to sand them lightly after their baked. I used a satin glaze to make them look so yummy.

What you will need

  • Polymer Clay Beading wire

Q&A with LynzCraftz

iluvchocolate asked:
adorable i want to eat them!
LynzCraftz answered:
Thank you so much they do look yummy.
sewmom asked:
These are so cute!! I appreciate your instructions too.
LynzCraftz answered:
Thanks I wasn't sure how informative they would come across. I'm working on a charm bracelet, I'll upload some of the other charms with the instructions during the week.
sewmom asked:
I tried these today and they don't look as perfect as yours, but not bad for my first time w/ polymer clay! I am VERY happy with how the scrap beads swirled together look like. I will be posting when they are done baking!
LynzCraftz answered:
Thank you so much! I'm planing on posting some of the other charms with instructions, as soon as I finish the charm bracelet. Probably later tonight or in the morning.
sewmom asked:
I finally got around to posting my polymer clay creations!
LynzCraftz answered:
Great work! I've admirded much of your work before I knew it was you!!! Don't worry I'm following along now, Its so hard to pull myself away from the clay & my computer keyboard & I don't really get along, sometimes it takes me a while to browse other artist work.