Antiqued Copper & Sea Sediment Jasper

Project Description

Who is this project for? Women What are you most proud of? I'm happiest with the swirls, especially the contrast between my regular 22ga and the heavy 16ga wire. I'm also pretty happy with how the photography came out! Ceramic tile for the win! What advice would you give someone starting this project? Get the liver of sulfur gel, not the powder. SUPER simple and quick.

What you will need

  • Copper
  • liver of sulfur
  • sea sediment jasper

Q&A with Gayle Bird

wirejuldpirate asked:
I love the way the wire just seems to flow! Just beautiful! How did you hammer the wire on the stone?
Gayle Bird answered:
I didn't hammer it ON the stone! I would make a loop, take out the stone and hammer the loop, then put it back. I could only get one or two hammered loops per stone, because after that I couldn't get the stone back out!
Marilee Rockley asked:
Beautiful! Looks so organic with the swirls flowing into the shape of the stone.
Gayle Bird answered:
Thanks Marilee!
mizmoon_21032391 asked:
So pretty! I love these designs!
Gayle Bird answered:
I also love them... so I'm glad you do, too!
Christine Slay asked:
I LOVE your jewelry!! I am an architect by profession but really want to do jewelry in my spare time.. just starting out and you are an inspiration!
Gayle Bird answered:
DO IT!! You'll love it. I started in my spare time and now it's 1/4 of my income :D
GrammaJacki asked:
This is lovely, I really love the stone that you picked. I wish I could find some of them myself.
Gayle Bird answered:
I found mine on Etsy, I believe. Sea Sediment Jasper.

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