Nicholas Lodge
Craftsy Instructor

Atlanta, Georgia

Nicholas Lodge is one of the top instructors in the current generation of sugarcraft artists. The author of numerous books, Nicholas teaches and demonstrates his unique skills around the world. Over the years his teaching tours have taken him to 26 different countries. He is internationally known not only for his unique skills in sugar art, but for the quality of his demonstrations and classes, at which he inspires enthusiasm in everyone who ... Read Full Bio »

Nicholas's Craftsy Classes


Sweet Seasons: Winter Poinsettia

Explore sugar artist Nicholas Lodge's expert techniques for creating poinsettias that amaze at holiday parties, client events and more. And, discover his secret method for assembling these beauties that you won't find anywhere else. First, make the three distinctive centers of the classic poinsettia. Did you know that the poinsettia "flower" is actually made up of vibrant bracts? Find out how to make those next, and create leaves to complete your beautiful blooms. Then, bring your poinsettias to life with either realistic colors or fantastical metallic finishes. Plus, get exclusive access to Nicholas' tried-and-true technique for assembling all of the elements of your poinsettias so that they lie flat. Finally, learn how to attach your finished flowers to cakes for a show-stopping confection that makes every gathering a holly, jolly affair no one will soon forget!  


$19.99 $24.99


Custom Lettering & Monograms

Join cake decorating legend Nicholas Lodge for a comprehensive class on personalizing cakes with custom lettering and monograms. Achieve professional results using accessible transfer techniques sych as the pin-prick method. Get comfortable creating impressive lettering with freehand and color-flow royal icing techniques. Create scintillating messages by painting and piping with metallics. Stencil with innovative techniques for perfect messages every time. Use cutters to create marvelous monograms and even make three-dimensional lettering that stands up on your cake. Learn essential custom lettering and monogramming techniques for messages that complement your designs and highlight the occasion.

$29.99 $39.99


Mastering Modern Sugar Flowers

Join master sugar artist Nicholas Lodge to create some of the industry's hottest sugar flowers in incredibly lifelike detail. For each flower, you'll discover variations that grow in complexity along with your confidence. Progress through several styles of the oh-so-popular succulent. Create three types of striking ranunculuses, finishing with the most sophisticated version. Advance from a classic dahlia sugar flower to a pompom dahlia and an intricate spider dahlia. You'll even learn to create realistic buds, leaves and calyxes for each flower, and receive tips on dusting and arranging them. Plus, get in-depth advice on pricing the sugar flowers you've made in class. Create fresh, fascinating sugar flowers for birthdays, weddings, competitions and more! 

$39.99 $49.99


The Ultimate Sugar Rose

Master decorator Nicholas Lodge teaches around the world. Now you can bring his knowledge to your own kitchen as he shows you all his favorite techniques. Nicholas will guide you through the creation of roses at all stages of development, sharing numerous time- and effort-saving tips along the way. Beginning with his special method for creating floral tape buds for a sturdy foundation, Nicholas works magic with gum paste, bringing buds and petals to life. You'll create delicate ruffles, realistic leaves and calyxes and even thorns! Then you'll color your blossoms with petal dusts and gels, and use steam to set the colors and add a healthy sheen. Nicholas will help you gather your creations into a stunning arrangement so realistic and sweet-smelling, you won't believe your eyes!



Classic Sugar Flowers

Whether you're relatively new to making gum paste blooms or a pro in the cake biz, you'll find a wealth of useful tips and tricks from a veteran in the trade. Nicholas will start with the graceful French tulip, then build on these techniques for the more complex anemone. Finally, the pièce de résistance: a classic peony in all its ruffled, multi-petaled glory. Even a single bloom in its simplest form is a show-stopper. Add 10, 15 or 20 more wired petals and Wow! – everyone will be talking about your cake.



Sugar Flowers

Transform simple, ready-made sugar flowers into simply fabulous arrangements with sugar artist Nicholas Lodge as your guide. Start by learning how to disassemble pre-made flower sprays so you can personalize them. Next, bring your flowers to life as you create realistic effects with shading, dusting and food color pens. You'll also learn to add more than a glimmer of glamour to create fantasy flowers with sparkling embellishments, ombré effects, bejeweled flower centers and more! Then, Nicholas will teach you to easily assemble everything from simply sophisticated sprays to over-the-top arrangements. Plus, get tips for attaching your arrangements, creating stylish accents with pressed sugar techniques and pricing your work.


$24.99 $39.99


Romantic Garden Roses

Learn to build blooms and bouquets partygoers won't believe with lessons from sugar artist Nicholas Lodge. During class, you'll create four gorgeous flowers: a classic garden rose, a captivating wild rose, an English rose and a hybrid tea rose. Along the way, breathe life into sugar buds and leaves for each type of rose you've created. Add to the realism of your work with thorns, stems and water droplets that won't roll off your foliage. Then, Nicholas will help you make your cakes bloom with simply stunning sprays. Plus, get valuable advice for pricing your work with confidence. Spice up your sugar flower skills! Learn how to make romantic sugar roses and unforgettable arrangements.

$19.99 $39.99

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