Eileen Roche
Craftsy Instructor

Dallas, TX

Eileen Roche is the founder, editor, creative vision and elbow grease behind Designs in Machine Embroidery magazine. Her innovative techniques have brought new insight and energy to the machine embroidery world, in fashion and accessories, but especially in quilting. Her books include Contemporary Machine-Embroidered Quilts (Krause, 2004), Contemporary Machine-Embroidered Fashions (2006), Contemporary Machine-Embroidered Accessories (2007), and ... Read Full Bio »

Eileen's Craftsy Classes


The Machine Embroidered Quilt

Put your embroidery machine to work for piecing and quilting, create intricate embroidery patterns and satisfy your hunger for detail-rich quilts in The Machine Embroidered Quilt. Eileen, the founder and editor of Designs in Machine Embroidery magazine, is a no-nonsense quilter who will show you easy ways to enhance your quilts' construction and design. Follow in the feed dogs of this fast and furious embroiderer as she walks you through single- and double-layer raw-edge appliqués, continuous appliqué and embroidery techniques and her own reversible piecing approach. This class comes with Eileen's hourglass embroidery design - exclusive to Craftsy - in formats that work with every common embroidery machine on the market

$19.99 $39.99


The Machine Embroidered T-Shirt

Machine embroidery guru Eileen Roche teaches you how to transform your T-shirts from simple attire to chic apparel. Prepare your shirt's fabric by stabilizing and hooping, then stitch your design using the embroidery machine. Once you have the basics down, jump into a variety of fun embroidery projects with Eileen. You'll embroider a cowl and sew it onto a T-shirt for a fabulous chic look. Then, learn how to combine multiple embroidery patterns into a large, decorative design and reshape your shirt's waist for a flattering fit. Master your machine and embroider like an expert with Eileen!

$19.99 $29.99

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