Vertical Garden

Project Description

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What you will need

  • My husband made the box out of cedar that he had laying around and I then planted it.

Q&A with CarSok

Madhuri Ambati asked:
very beautiful, but what type material was kept in that boxes, isit soil or any other material?
CarSok answered:
I used soil for succulents and added vermiculite so it wouldn't be heavy.
Jennifer Ballard asked:
Beautiful! How do you water it? ?Thank you!
CarSok answered:
I use a hose with the spray setting.
grdngrl193726081 asked:
I just bought a wooden structure similar to this one and I know what to do with it !!Thank you for the idea!!
CarSok answered:
Good Luck! Hope it works out for you. I did have to replace some of the plants as they got too big. So re-potted them and put smaller ones in their place.
carol.yor0 asked:
very beautiful love your ideas
CarSok answered:
Thank you so much.
mangamia3900725 asked:
I have one very similar and you can actually put bird wire over the top to keep plants in and not falling out. You would have to plant plants after its nailed on tho but the would fit through the holes
CarSok answered:
Thanks. I don't have a problem with the plants coming out. My problem is the plants getting way too big. Have had to cut them back.