Veggie Garden: raised beds

Project Description

What type of item is this? Plant or Flower How would you describe the style of your project? Outdoorsy What are you most proud of? I am really proud and pleased that my husband, who is self-admittedly not a handy-man, came up with his own design that used exactly the skills he has (how to get boards cut at the hardware store, use a battery-powered screwdriver, and dump and mix dirt) to make a wonderfully stable and terrific raised bed for vegetable gardening. What advice would you give someone starting this project? Once the dirt is in the bed, it's not moving, so decide where your sunniest location is, convenient to a water source, and lay out multiple beds with at least 4 ft between for ease of use. We are building 2 beds at a time, laying out in a large square so we'll have room in the middle to move around and place tall planters for flowers. to do this, place 2 beds end to end, making a large bed that is 4x16 ft, place 2 beds at right angles, 4 ft away from the 1st long bed, lined up with the ends so there is 8 ft between these 2 beds, then 4 ft away from these beds, repeat the 4x16 ft arrangement. Now there is a mini piazza in the middle, for a bench or tall flower planters.

What you will need

  • boards: 2x8 cut to 8 and 4 ft; 4 each of 4 and 8 ft lengths for each bed; right angle brackets and screw hardware; composted leaves
  • composted manure; battery powered screw driver; sealant for the wood

Q&A with pinkishcamellia@gmail.com

nattycabbage asked:
I'm wondering, what type of wood (and what size) did you use for your beds? I'm trying to figure out what to use... cedar is soo expensive & I'm worried about untreated rotting. Thanks!
pinkishcamellia@gmail.com answered:
Cedar IS expensive! We used pine. I got the dimensions wrong! The boards are 10 inches wide, not 8". My husband brushed on clear wood sealant to help preserve the wood. We also used 2x2 inch cedar pieces as the very bottom pieces of the beds we made last year.