Perpetual Gardening Record Book

Project Description

What type of item is this? Functional How would you describe the style of your project? Outdoorsy How would you describe the style of your project? Eco-Friendly How would you describe the style of your project? Traditional What are you most proud of? I am most proud to be able to stand on the front-line every single day with this business, taking my grandmother's philosophies of gardening and life forward. I am also really proud of the finished product - with 2 great cover choices (same inside), it appeals to a wide range of gardeners of every level, in any zone, and can be used for up to several years. What advice would you give someone starting this project? Whether you purchase one of my Perpetual Gardening Record Books or make your own, the important thing is to keep a record! You will be amazed at all you gain by taking a few minutes to jot down the basics! Make a quick note, and then get on with enjoying your garden!

What you will need

  • When I first began the project
  • I used: brown craft paper
  • my color gardening photographs

Q&A with lauren57029

Ripsmom63984 asked:
I've loved keeping records on my houseplants, cacti, succulents and orchids for years, and as I moved outside more, I wanted to do the same there. But I was never able to organize binders - and I had several. This sounds like something I need.
lauren57029 answered:
You do need it, and you will love it! :-)
splihall63998 asked:
I really like the idea behind this project. Years ago my children and I made our own garden notebook. They designed and colored the cover for the "Plihall Garden Patch". We made a rain gauge and kept track of the weather and compared it to how the garden was growing. We have the original garden plans that we made and still use. We researched planting times and recorded how the plants grew and what we could do diferently the next year. It was a very rewarding project.
lauren57029 answered:
I'm rewarded just reading it! Thanks for sharing :)
Anita Anna asked:
I think it would be great to have one place to record all of the insights of what worked and what didn't work in my garden, as well as insights that inspired me about the gardening.
lauren57029 answered:
The truth is, the way we all learn about what works in the garden, is also about what did not work ... you think you will remember, but it's hard enough just to remember what was for breakfast, much less what happened last year!
danceswit64002 asked:
awesome idea - i'm a newbie to tropical gardening - a garden notebook would help me keep track of what vegetables etc do well - would aide in less failures lol
lauren57029 answered:
also keeps deer, rabbits, moles and garden robbers at bay ;)
tdbear64008 asked:
Imagine not having a bunch of loose papers. I seem to write notes on anything I can find at the time, and end up losing most of themthat matter anyway. Never thought to measure rainfall. This would be a wondeful item to have.
lauren57029 answered:
I highly encourage you to get a rain gauge --- not only will it amaze you when you start jotting down how much it rained and when, but you will soon find yourself running out there with an umbrella to see how much is coming down! (or at least I do!)

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