My Peaceful Place

Project Description

What type of item is this? Plant or Flower What are you most proud of? When we moved in over 20 years ago I had a blank canvas to work with. This yard has evolved from a playground for our children, to a yard with a few shrubs to my lovely distraction you see now. What advice would you give someone starting this project? Give your plants a chance to take root before you give up on them. Some species need a couple of years to establish. If you find something that just will not grow for you, find something that will because not all soil and location is right for every plant. Take the time to enjoy what you're doing and never think of it as work but a labour of love. Most of all, have fun!!

What you will need

  • Perennials of many varieties
  • sweat
  • sunscreen and lots of love

Q&A with justmejen

gardengirl asked:
..and peaceful it is! What a soothing feeling I get when I gaze upon your picture.I can only imagine sitting amongst all of it.Beautiful!What is the tall white flower?
justmejen answered:
Hi, the tall flower is called Bugbane (I think Kamchatka). There is a bushy plant at the base then these 8 foot spikes comeout of the centre. It took a couple of years to establish, this is it's second location. Loves full sun but needs lots of water.
carolyncuttings asked:
why cant i grow morning glory plants? its the middle of june here now in the uk, and still the few seedlings i have left are only an inch high? why? is it the soil???
justmejen answered:
Hi Carolyn, it could be numerous things. The ph in the soil could be off, if there is a cat or other animal deficating in your garden that really puts things off. What plants are beside your seedlings? These could be throwing off the ph. Is the sun the same as where the others ones are? Hope this helps!n Jen
neleh28 asked:
Tks for your comments on my little Eden - your garden is beautiful and I can see the UK influence! I love the old wheel, is it? I'm now looking for something similar! I am in Northern Ireland!
justmejen answered:
Hi "neleh", assuming that is Helen spelled backwards! Yes it is a wheel that you see. A grand spinning wheel to be exact.
Pauleanus asked:
Are these echinecea?
justmejen answered:
Yes it is echinecea, and lots of it! I leave the flowers over the winter and it attracts Finches and Sparrows which is reallly nice.
Kimba Hansen asked:
Hello, can you describe all the flowers you have there? I see the coneflowers, phlox. What is the tall tree looking thing and the other perenials? Thanks for sharing your photo
justmejen answered:
Hi, thanks for your comments. The tall purple flowers are flox and purple coneflowers, the bush is a peking cottoneaster, there is sedum as a border and white begonias

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