My Garden

Project Description

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What you will need

  • We used painted doug fir for the raised beds
  • 12 yards of soil
  • and lots and lots of compost!

Q&A with JoLar

cestlav asked:
wow, what a beautiful garden!
JoLar answered:
thanks ! appreciate your comment
Andrew Rogers asked:
What are you growing, and are your producing nice harvests?
JoLar answered:
all the usual stuff, beans, squash, peppers, cucumbers, peas, tons of tomatoes and yes I get enough to share and to can!
AnnieNimIty asked:
Why painted instead of cedar, also, are you concerned about the paint leaching into the soil? Can it be considered organic with it so close to your veggies?
JoLar answered:
I like the look of the blue I use it all over my yard, no, not afraid of dry paint doing any leaching and I never said I was organic! :)
anotherkim asked:
love your garden,I also have a veggie and herb garden. Lots of inspiration
JoLar answered:
Thanks, appreciate the kind words, makes all the weeding, watering and deadheading worth it! :)