Busy Lizzies in vertical bags

Project Description

What type of item is this? Plant or Flower How would you describe the style of your project? Cute How would you describe the style of your project? Outdoorsy What are you most proud of? It worked! Last all season. What advice would you give someone starting this project? Don't forget to leave them horizontal for 1-2 weeks before hanging.

What you will need

  • Vertical bags from amazon.co.uk (20 pounds for a 10 pack). Busy Lizzies. Soil. Geraniums in top. Water retaining crystals.

Q&A with R-girl

10ashus asked:
Totally lovely. After seeing your success, now I want to try this. Lasted all season? Amazing. What type of climate and season was it? Thank you for the tip about leaving them horizontal at first. I would not have thought to do that.
R-girl answered:
I'm in London, UK. Season was summer, I think they lasted something like May to October from memory. Our climate is pretty mixed with sun and rain, not too hot or too cold. The great thing about busy lizzies is that they will tolerate quite a bit of shade as well.