Panda waffle towel

Project Description

What are you most proud of? I had learned in a very short time on using my machine and understanding what stabilizers to use, threads, etc. I have mostly practiced on scraps but feel more confident to work on actual items. What advice would you give someone starting this project? In the third picture, I realized that I had accidentally stitched part of the towel to the back! During the middle of embroidering, the bobbin thread got low so I had to remove my hoop and add new bobbin. I didn't notice that when I put the hoop back that the side had slipped underneath. I had to cut out part of the fabric in order to get my hoop out. Well, I won't throw away the towel, because it was still practice. But now I will be more careful.

Q&A with SweetJasmine

Kate Maeda asked:
Boy do I know about not noticing I've caught a piece of fabric. One thing that helps me, especially if I don't own the item I'm embroidering on, is to pin everything up around the hoop so that there are no loose ends available. Sometimes that isn't practical if the item is too large, but I do a lot of expensive fishing shirts, and it helps me avoid replacing a $60 shirt.
SweetJasmine answered:
Yup, that's a good tip. I had to change my bobbin midway during the embroidering so I had to take the hoop off. I think that's when the towel went under the hoop was when I was replacing it. I take it as a good lesson and will be more careful in the future. It was my first towel.

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