guest slippers

You Can Make This

Amsa made guest slippers with:

  • I bought some very cheap felted slippers and stitched on them with woolen yarn.

Q&A with Amsa

MomGrandma asked:
Amsa, your 'special touch' to these purchased slippers is great. I'm the first in our family to ask that guests remove their shoes at the door. People don't realize the unwanted chemicals, oils they are bringing into their homes. Thank you for sharing your handiwork.
Amsa answered:
Thank you! You know, here in Sweden we all take our shoes off indoor.
artgirl123 asked:
Amsa, I love this project! I'd like to make a basketful just for myself for chilly days and nights. Where did you find the slippers to start with??
Amsa answered:
I bought them in a supermarket here in Sweden, Im sure you can find similar elsewhere - or if not similar, why not by textile slippers (espadrillos) ?

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