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Project Description

What are you most proud of? I have never sewn on clothing before so I was pretty proud I took the plunge, cut up a shirt, and sewed knits together. I learned a ton - and there were some challenges so the shirt's not perfect. I also had an ah-ha moment and realized as long as a design fits you can move the needle to a different area in the hoop and stitch (for example, Eileen provides the little circle as a stand-alone design so you can add them all over the collar. I had room in my hoop when I did the big swirl so I just moved the needle and added in some of the circles - the fabric is already stabilized and hooped so it's fast & easy!) I really enjoyed sprinkling in some extra circles here and there. I made still add some crystals too! What advice would you give someone starting this project? Here's what I learned: a. if you use sports tape as a cushion to prevent hoop burn, don't wrap the bottom hoop! I mistakenly did and it interfered with the movement of the hoop. I didn't have good results with the stitching on those 2 motifs but then figured it out, removed the tape, and the next 2 were nice! And I didn't have hoop burn anyway. b. use a stretch needle and a stretch stitch to sew...but don't try to 'lock' the stitch because my machine ate the edge of the fabric down the needle hole (I can't use the single needle plate with the stretch stitch). So I had to remove the plate twice and cut off the knot to remove it! Also, make sure you're sewing the 2 panels together the right way because I did it wrong the first time and there is NO WAY to pick out those itsy bitsy stretch stitches!!!

What you will need

  • 2 bargain t-shirts

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