Sketch 4 Pecked Tree

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What type of piece is this? Drawing Share a little about the materials, processes and techniques used to create this piece. 2B, 2H, HB pencil, 9 x 12 Canson Field Sketchbook, erasing shield, rolled paper smudger. An area of our property that I enjoy with my grandchildren very much. What are you most proud of? I captured the Pecked Tree as I see it. I am quite proud of the effect the peck marks create. What advice would you give someone starting this project? Practice using the tools Mr. Connors has introduced to us. Also check out your library to discover how to use new tools to help draw things as you want to portray them. I am really enjoying a book on using the right side of your brain to sketch!

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Q&A with Lisafaye37

Patrick Connors asked:
Hello Lisaper, As all of us can see, with each drawing you are incorporating the lesson, learning from the previous exercises- from your mistakes and successes- and, in so doing, conveying a personal expression. In short, the viewer knows what interested you about the scene. There are only three more comments: 1. In the foreground lower left, there are some branches, maybe a defoliated bush? As the branches go to the end the line representing them should get lighter. 2. In this regard, the evenness to the line gives the impression that all the branches are at the same distance to us flattening them. A small change in line variation, a bit lighter here or a bit darker there as the branches move towards or away from the viewer, will do much to convey the space in which those branches exist. 3. The drawing has a good deal of atmosphere due to the care with which you placed the tonal structure. This initial tonal success curtailed you from going darker with some of the shading, which the drawing needs to be complete. At this point the drawing is "realized" but not finsihed. Understandably, you stopped not wanting to ruin your work thus far. Or maybe you were finished for the day. Leave this drawing as is. As mentioned before, it does succeed on many levels, and start the next project. In that drawing you will use a full range of tones starting as you did here and carefully buiding on a solid foundation. Look forward to your next posting.
Lisafaye37 answered:
The lessons have been a tremendous help to me. But in the same way, they force me to really SEE my drawings as I try to portray the proper perspectives throughout the landscape. My branches in the left foreground were difficult. They were actually a large spindly bush with tiny leaves and berries. The tips you gave me helped a lot. I needed to go lighter toward the ends and fade in and out with their distance to the forefront. I did stop working before I felt it was finished as I did not want to draw too heavy lines or too dark of shading upsetting the balance of the sketch.

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